Google discovered new technologies. The two  new technologies are Allo and Duo apps. The first app is Allo. Allo is a fastest, immediate and smartest message  app. This app provides suggestion messages for the users without tying. It comes automatically but it works only on Andriod and ios.

This apps function gives smart reply to the last message of the customer.  This apps provide IM Chat Window. This apps function takes help from the Google Assistant and the apps  helps  the users to search the requirements very quickly.

Normally, users can play with the machine but this apps allows playing games with user to other user using the IM Chat Window. Allo allows a feature of incognito mode that allows end to end encryption and the automatic reply will expire.


The second app is Duo. Duo was discoved or launched by Google only. Duo used for video calling like Skype. It is the very fastest video calling app  with very extreme video quality and excellent network quality. This app is made for only video calling but not video chat. Duo is having plenty of features and it is very speed.

Duo is having an another feature that works only in the Andriod devices. The feature is intimate and knock. This feature is giving very good performance and we can able to see the live video of the person without lifting the video call. Once, we start lifting the call, we can able to have live video of the person and talk but it won’t go into black screens.