Bharati Airtel is a biggest company. It gives highest telecomunication services. It is also an Indian global company. Airtel company also gives free telecommunication services on monthly or postpaid or prepaid basis for all the mobiles. Even though Airtel company gave a complaint against Jio’s offer to TRAI. Reliance Jio’s offer is free telecommunication service for more than 6 months. After the complaint of Airtel, Relaince Jio asked the TRAI to put ” Highest Penalty ” on Airtel for wrong advertisements and also for wrong complaints about Jio.

highest penalty

Reliance Jio also gave a reply complaint letter to TRAI regarding the “Wrong Statement” of Airtel. In that letter, it is explained clearly that ” First Airtel is a telecommunication company gave free incoming and outgoing calls and free internet and also it says there is free usage service and free unlimited calls but later Airtel is charging for some calls. Airtel is giving wrong information to the customers and taking the services. So, based on that Reliance Jio gave a offer of free data for “Only 4G Handsets”. Jio is also requested the TRAI to accept the complaint against Airtel and Jio wants to charge the ” Highest Penalty ” for the wrong compliant about Jio’s offer and charging calls is a wrong statement.

Highest Penalty 2

Jio is saying that Airtel gave “Wrong Statement to the Customers”. Airtel gives an advertisement that unlimited free services but never say there are “Terms and Conditions” will apply  for charging or based on the plans it is chargeable.

TRAI spoke about one year free data about Jio. Jio said it is not free monthly charge is Rs.345/- and Reliance monthly charge is Rs.450/- and also extra charges more than Jio’s offer. Jio gave all the true statements and we should see how TRAI acts on these and upcoming situations.