Adilabad, February 11

The farmers of Adilabad district are suffering with acute irrigation water problem despite the government spending crores of rupees to utilize the water and constructing Ethipothala (lift irrigation) schemes.

Adilabad district lies between two rivers – Pen Ganga and Godavari, along with many tributaries running in the district.

There are about 72 lift irrigation schemes in the district, of which only 25 are working. Another 20 projects are in construction stage. Survey of another 34 projects was completed and a report was submitted to the government. 1.50 lakh acres of land will get irrigation water if these projects are constructed.

There is no dearth of irrigation water in the district. But the delay in construction of projects, tanks, lift irrigation schemes is causing problems. Pump houses, pipe lines, power supply and other facilities are completed at a cost of crores of rupees. But the schemes are going waste due to the delay in completing works and lack of monitoring.


Lift irrigation project was constructed with Rs 4.16 lakh at Kappardevi village in Talamadugu mandal. 200 acres of land will get irrigation water through this project. The officials have submitted proposals for the required funds to conduct repairs but the funds have not yet been released.

Lift irrigation project at Mangurur village of Bela mandal was constructed with Rs. 30.05 lakh but not even one acre land is getting water under this project. Owing to the villagers’ pressure the concerned contractor has completed first phase of works. Pipeline, power supply and other works are still pending.

Permission was granted for a few projects only. After districts reorganization, there should be one district official to supervise the lift irrigation projects as per the directives. But there are only Divisional Engineers at present. Executive Engineer post has been vacant since two and half years.

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