Adilabad, January 19

The annual Penganga jatara in Adilabad is going on a grand scale. Penganga river is located 17 km away from Adilabad, near the borders of Telangana and Maharashtra states.

Since ages a five-day jatara is being held every year during Pushya masam. The jatara began on Sunday and will conclude with Thursday.

Penganga Jatara history dates back to hundreds of years. about 400 years ago, a man called Ramananda Teertha Maharaj  used to pray to Lord Shiva near the river banks. One day while performing yagam, ghee – used as fuel to light the yagam fire, fell short. Then the Maharaj used the river water as ghee and completed the ritual.

Penganga Jatara

Maharaj many years later died and was cremated in the river. Before his death, Maharaj announced his disciple Madhava Maharaj as his successor. Later Madhava Maharaj, along with his family, lived on the river banks and prayed to Lord Shiva.

All the devotees take holy bath in Penganga river and have darshan of Shivalingam. Later they offer food at the tombs of Ramananda Teertha and Madhava Maharaj on the river banks.

This year thousands of devotees are thronging to the jatara. They are fulfilling their vows and offering prayers to the Lord. Pilgrims rush is more not only from Telangana but also from other neighboring states.

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