Adilabad, January 7

Anganwadi centres in Adilabad district lack medical services. The government supplies kits to the centres through ICDS, to provide first aid to children for small ailments and injuries.

These kits will have tablets for fever, cold, cough and tonic, along with cotton, iodine, ointments and other medicines. The kits were supplied to the centres last year.

At present, the centres have empty boxes and expired medications. If the children develop any sudden sickness, the anganwadi centre organizers are sending the children to their houses.

Earlier the officials have to supervise 4,124 anganwadi centres in 18 projects within ICDS limits. But after districts reorganization, Adilabad district has 1,256 centres in five projects which made the supervision easier.

Of this, there are 992 main and 264 mini anganwadi centres. 23 supervisers, five CDPOs and DWO will visit these centres daily.

anganwadi centres

Earlier, there were four UDCs, two junior assistants, two typists, one attender, one watchman and one superintendent used to work in ICDS project office. Now each DWO office will have three UDCs, one junior assistant and one attender.

After districts reorganization, Narnoor ICDS project was set up in the new Adilabad district. 154 projects in Narnool manda of Tiryani project in the old district were divided and Gadiguda and Narnoor mandals have been included in the new project.

Earlier there were Adilabad urban and rural projects. The anganwadi centres in Adilabad urban and those in Mawala, Gudihatnoor and Adilabad rural were combined and formed Adilabad project.

The title of Adilabad rural project was changed and renamed as ‘Jainath’ project, which will have Bela, Jainath, Talamadugu, Tamsi and Bhimpur mandals. Projects were constituted for 261 centres.

280 centres in Indravelli and Utnoor mandals were included in Utnoor project. Anganwadi centres of Gudihatnoor mandal were separated from Both project and has been running along with the 259 centres of Both, Ichhoda, Bazarhatnoor and Sirikonda mandals.