Adilabad, January 10

Girijans’ presiding deity, the snake god Nagoba Jatara is fast approaching, commencing from January 27. The government has already released Rs 40 lakh to take up development works and arrangements for the Jatara, which is now officially recognized as a State festival.

But works are going on at a snail’s pace and the funds will go waste if the works are done in hasty manner. The tribals observed there would be scope for development and quality works if the officials start works at least now.

The Telangana government has identified Nagoba Jatara at Keslapur village of Indervelli mandal as State festival. This will be organized on a grand scale after Sammakka and Saramma Jatara.

The works related to the Jatara are going on at a slow pace even though only 19 days are left. Nagoba temple premises were filled with weeds and thorn bushes currently.

Nagoba Jatara

Construction works of a new temple tank with about Rs 4 lakh are going on. Ten permanent toilets are going to be constructed near the temple. RWS department dug five bore wells. But the officials are yet to fix taps and conduct repairs.

The government has constructed Gowad place with about Rs 30 lakh in 2012-13. This area is now filled with waste plants. 15 toilets and three bathrooms have become useless without doors, that were constructed by RWS on the left side of the Gowad.

Without repairing these toilets, the officials started constructing another 15 toilets which were left half-constructed.

The girijans criticized the officials for not making repairs to the old toilets and stopping the construction of new ones in the middle. The area, where people of Gowad community will stay after Nagoba Maha puja and the temple premises, is filled with waste plants and debris.

The officials have not yet started cleaning works. Lambasting the officials for their negligence in completing works before the deadline as the Jatara is fast approaching, the girijans requested the government to take up permanent works and not to waste funds.