Adilabad, May 24:

After identifying that the target was not reached in the first and second phases of Haritha Haram in Adilabad district, the officials have prepared plan of action to implement the scheme in third phase.

It was aimed to distribute 1.21 crore saplings in 95 forest nurseries and 26 lakh saplings in 26 nurseries in DWAMA.

But the plants instead of growing fast, are still in sapling stage due to lack of officials’ monitoring.  The wages and bill payment to employment guarantee scheme and coordinators was delayed.

The planting of saplings as part of Haritha Haram would commence in one month and the saplings in many nurseries in the district are still in seedling stage. The officials are in dilemma.

Haritha Haram

They are facing problems in protecting the plants in the nurseries. The saplings and plants are getting dried up due to the excessive heat despite water supply through motors. There was not much use of the green net, fixed on the nurseries to prevent heat.

Thousands of saplings and plants are drying up in the nursery of Batti Savargao of Mavala mandal. 45 per cent of the two lakh saplings target were dried up.

One lakh saplings were planted in Arli K village of Talamadugu mandal. But the plants are not growing due to cheap quality seeds.

The plants have to grow before the rainy season, which would commence in one month.