Adilabad, February 10

Sand mafia is rampant in Adilabad district with none to put a check. They are removing sand even when there is water in Adilabad mandal, Chandati vagu.

The officials are remaining aloof even the sand mafia is smuggling sand from rivulets which are very near to district headquarters.

Smugglers are dumping sand in Bimsari village and shifting the sand from there to other areas through trucks.

In some villages, tenders were called unofficially for selling sand. The contractors, who got the tender, are digging up sand day and night. Against the rule that one should not dig more than one metre depth, the contractors are digging till five to six meters depth with proclainers to remove sand. This is leading to a fall in ground water levels.

Sand Mafia

Every day about 200 tractors of sand is being transported from villages in Jainath, Bela, Adilabad and Tamsi mandals. The government collects Rs 500 to Rs 600 per each tractor load of sand. But the illegal traders are collecting Rs 2,500 per tractor, i.e., Rs. 2.50 lakh per day, Rs 75 lakh per  month and Rs 9 crore business per year is going on in the district.

Sand illegal transport is rampant in Pendalwada, Koutasangwi, Gimmacorta, Guda Rampur in Jainath mandal; Sangidi in Bela mandal; Landasangwi, Bimsari, Bandavagu, Yapalguda in Chanta (T) in Adilabad mandal; and several villages in Sirikonda mandal.

Villagers are not raising any objection as the traders are paying Rs 200 per tractor. It was alleged that sand smugglers have political support.

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