Hyderabad, January 5

Cyberabad police have solved the sensational Muthoot Finance robbery case. They on Wednesday arrested six dacoits, while going from Mumbai to Latur.

It may be recalled that the culprits gang made off with 42kg of gold jewellery from Muthoot Finance’s Beeramguda branch at Ramachandrapuram on city’s western fringes at gunpoint on Wednesday. They posed as CBI officials to force the employees of the finance company open the lockers.

The police investigation revealed that the robbers have conducted a recce before December 14 for the robbery. They have conducted several recces and even travelled from Ramachandrapuram to Wadi in Karnataka several times.


They used Scorpio (MH1124) and a motor bike for the loot. They set up a shelter in Wadi and kept a close vigilance on the patrolling procedure on border areas and the timings.

They found out a route to escape from the police after the robbery after checking and rechecking for over 10 days. They completed the task and escaped as per their plan. After making the police sweat for eight days, they finally got caught.

The dacoits after looting the finance company went to Wadi and parked scorpio and motor cycle at the railway station. They then embarked the Mumbai train. Police found out that they purchased tickets from the TT instead of purchasing them at the counter. The police traced out the thieves with the clues given by the TT.

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