Hyderabad, January 24

The government is keen to supply uninterrupted nine-hour daytime power supply for summer crops. The officials of Sathupalli sub-division have made all arrangements.

Almost all water tanks, lakes, reservoirs were filled with water after a good rainfall in recent times. Though power consumption in summer is more, the government is taking measures to supply uninterrupted power to agriculture.

Daytime Power Supply

The earlier government’s assurance of nine-hour daytime power supply was failed in implementation. The farmers were in dilemma about power supply and they could not take up cultivation despite having plenty of water in bores and wells due to irregular power supply.

The TRS government kept its poll promise of uninterrupted power supply – six hours in day and three hours in night. Now the government had made arrangements to supply nine-hour daytime power supply.

There are 40,000 agricultural power connections under 64 sub-stations under Sathupalli division limits. 34 additional transformers have been arranged to provide nine-hour power supply. Also the officials are taking special measures to solve the low voltage problem permanently.

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