Hyderabad, January 10

Kite festival comes along with Sankranthi festival, bringing joy to children, youth and elders all alike. Several of kite flyers would use Chinese manja to cut the threads from under the kites of their opponents. But this manja was banned as it is a great threat to birds’ lives and also to environment. Forest officials warned that those, who sell these manja, would be imprisoned.

Earlier, cotton thread was used for kites, which had no major threats. Since ten years nylon thread has been widely in use. But now everyone likes to use Chinese manja, since this can easily cut the thread of other kites.

There is no doubt of danger if the cotton thread breaks and gets tangled to trees, birds or animals. But Chinese manja is a threat to all including the flyer since it is prepared with nylon thread and glass and lead powder.

chinese manja

Animals and birds may die if entangled with the ‘thread’ around their necks. Even children are getting injuries.

The Telangana government observed the threat of Chinese manja and banned it. According to Environment Protection Act, Rs one lakh fine and five year imprisonment would be imposed on those who sell this manja.

The forest officials were unable to implement the ban in 2016 since it was imposed just one day before the festival. This year, campaigning started well in advance and posters were released across the State to create awareness of the losses caused by Chinese manja.

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