Hyderabad, January 21

After demonetization the government is encouraging public towards cashless transactions. People are making most of the transactions through debit/credit cards. Cashing in on the situation, culprits introduced duplicate swiping machines.

These culprits are stealing details of credit/debit card through duplicate swiping machines.

After the reports of duplicate swiping machines, Ingenico a card terminals manufacturing company, gave a few suggestions to identify whether the swiping machine is duplicate or original.

Duplicate Swiping Machines

Normally the debit/credit card goes into the swiping machine till the chip area. If the entire card goes into the machine then the machine could be a duplicate one. Transaction will be done but the user of the machine will get the details of the card.

The green light on the machine will go off and after a few seconds it will come to life again after the card was inserted in the ‘skimmer’ (the slot where the card is inserted). If the green light is continuously on or goes off totally, then one should suspect the machine.

Also one should suspect the authenticity of the machine if one gets error message for two to three times or if the card is taking more time to get connected.

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