Hyderabad, January 7

The cab drivers’ strike against Ola and Uber managements has reached the peak stage as they have intensified their agitation, protests.

The cab drivers alleged that Ola and Uber companies have cheated them with heavy incentives in the beginning. They provided more trips and offered more than Rs one lakh income per month.

Lured by the income, not only drivers, but several people have purchased cabs by taking loans or selling their lands. Interesting point was that even white collar job holders, attracted by the huge income, also left their jobs and turned as cab drivers.

Availability of more number of cars have lowered the number of trips per day and subsequently the companies also lessened the commission. With this, drivers, who used to earn about Rs one lakh per month, are now hardly getting Rs 30,000.


Depressed drivers launched five-day strike with 11 demands. Their main demand was to provide 12 trips per day and other demands include increasing commission, ban on share pooling.

Without Ola and Uber car services on December 31 and January 1 have created problems to the customers. At the same time companies and drivers also incurred heavy loss. When the managements of these two companies did not yield to the pressure, the cab drivers launched deeksha at Indira Park.

They shifted deeksha camp to Manikonda after the police broke up their deeksha. Since there was no response from the managements, cab drivers met Telangana Minister Mahender Reddy and requested him to solve their problem.

Despite the Minister’s assurance to solve their problem, there is no positive development in this regard. But the undaunted cab drivers are continuing their fight, pinning hopes on the government.

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