Hyderabad, November 30

The Suresh Chanda committee, constituted by the Telangana government to encourage cashless payments, has made several recommendations.

The task force committee suggested that the government should bear the charges regarding debit and credit card transactions at airlines, hotels, shopping malls and other private business establishments. This is to encourage the public to go cashless. The committee also suggested to give concessions to encourage net banking payments.

The other suggestions include – heavy transactions of revenue, excise departments should be made through net banking, NEFT, RTGS; swiping machines should be supplied to all VAT dealers to accept card payments; market yards and cooperative societies should make online payments to farmers’ accounts; cooperative societies should sell goods to farmers through cashless payments.

cashless payments

All ration shops, milk sellers and others should accept mobile payments. Coupons and mobile payment system should be introduced at Rythu Bazaars. Special point of sale machines and apps should be introduced for low cash transactions like vegetables, provisions.

Payments for gas cylinders should be made through online only.

The taskforce suggested helplines in all districts to solve the public problems and the public should be enlightened about online, mobile and cashless payments.

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