Hyderabad, January 6

Sankranti, essentially a festival of harvest, reflects tradition and culture of the Telugu people. It has a special importance in Andhra Pradesh State. The festival is celebrated by people in general and farmers in particular for the bounty it brings with it in the form of bumper yield.
Irrespective of age, elders, youth, children wear new dresses and indulge in week-long festivities. This is the occasion when relatives, friends and others meet together and recall memories.

Villages and cities are gearing up to celebrate the festival due in about a week. Krishna, Guntur, East and West Godavari, Vizianagaram districts are already abuzz with festive activities.
Clothes stores, jewellery shops, which bore a deserted look following demonetization drive, are now filled with customers. Rangoli competitions were being held in several places. Most of the people settled in cities for livelihood will return to their native villages to celebrate the festival with their close relatives.

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