Hyderabad, January 28

A recent survey revealed that the students in Hyderabad are suffering with high BP.

The diseases wing of Secunderabad Gandhi Medical College (GMC) held research in this regard. Kamatham Madhusudhan, Betam Rajendra and Jampana Venkateswar Rao participated in the study on students aged from five to 15 years.

Pediatrics International Journal has published the study details recently.

High BP

They observed that high academic pressure and studying for longer hours to get high scores among school children are the reasons for the high BP in school-going children. Especially these symptoms are more in children belonging to rich families compared to those of poor families.

According to the study,

  • 08 per cent students are suffering with hyper tension. The hyper tension is equal among both girls and boys.
  • 44 per cent students are suffering with pre-hyper tension (worry about what happens next)
  • Children of age group 5-10 years too have high BP. So they should not be put under pressure and regular health checkups should be conducted for them.
  • Their BP level should be monitored at regular intervels.