Hyderabad, May 18:

Election heat already started in Telangana with all parties gearing up with action plans. Telangana Congress, TDP and BJP are deploying their leaders into the arena aiming to come into power in the next elections.

As the entire country is in the grip of Prime Minister Narendra Modi mania, BJP laid a special focus on Telangana. After facing debacles several times with political affiliations, the lotus party is now planning to wage single war.

BJP national leadership felt that they can never come into power if they don’t win the 2019 elections hence they are leaving no stone unturned to woo the Telangana voters.

Election Heat

As part of their strategy, party national president Amit Shah will visit in the State from May 22 to 24. He will meet state party leaders and guide them. He will address public meetings in various districts and collect public opinion.

Meanwhile, the Congress, which failed to cash in the Telangana issue, are now busy hatching plans to grab the power. They are not leaving a single chance to point out the TRS government’s failures. From irrigation water projects to chilli farmers’ problems, they are criticizing the government.

In this context, they have decided to invite party vice-president Rahul Gandhi to the public meeting at Sangareddy on June 1.

Telugu Desam Party also putting all its efforts to regain its lost popularity in Telangana and party chief Chandrababu Naidu will participate in Telangana TDP Mahanadu in Hyderabad on May 24. He will give directions to the party leaders and cadre targeting 2019 elections and draft plan of action.

Election Heat Starts in TS. All the three major parties are getting ready for the elections from now itself.

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