Hyderabad, February 10

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has asked the power supply in the State to take steps to ensure that they could meet anticipated demanded of 10,000 MW during Rabi.

The CM said rabi cultivation is reaching record level. At present power demand for farming is 4,500 MW and may escalate to 5,000 MW by next month,” KCR said.

He directed the officials to ensure uninterrupted power supply to both commercial and domestic needs in the coming summer.

Power Supply

Genco and Transco CMD Prabhakar Rao informed KCR that the present demand was for 8,500 MW per day which was expected to go up to 9,500 MW next month. He, however, assured the Chief Minister that the department was ready to meet the demand.

The Chief Minister said: “This Yasangi season, there has been record area under cultivation following the good rainfall the State received, which led to abundant water in tanks on account of the success of Mission Kakatiya across the State. Groundwater table had also risen.”

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