Hyderabad, November 30

An FIR was registered against top officials at Himayath Nagar post office for resorting to fraudulent exchanges of demonetized currency notes. The police may arrest these soon.

The cases were filed on Superintendent Sudhir Babu, Post Master Revathi and Deputy Post Master Ravi Teja who were reportedly exchanges Rs. 40 lakh worth old notes with 30 per cent commission.


Meanwhile, Income Tax officials seized Rs. 17 crore cash and huge amounts of gold from a provisional store owner, Keshava at Velur in Tamil Nadu. Keshava of Sattuvachari area has more than 70 houses and he purchased gold ornaments worth Rs. One crore after the high currency notes were scrapped. The IT officials, after getting information, raided his houses and shops at the same time. They recovered Rs. 17 crore worth cash from an underground room in his house, along with gold ornaments and gold biscuits weighing several kilos.

The police have seized more than Rs. 20 lakh cash being transported by a BJP leader of Salem.

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