Hyderabad, January 20

When the government is striving to transform Hyderabad as world class dynamic city, a few gangs are supplying drugs to youth. Ganja Business, worth crores of rupees is also available in the city. Unscrupulous people have been earning crores of rupees by supplying drugs from Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad.

Rachakonda police have busted a drug racket and took three smugglers into custody. This gang is cultivating ganja in Visakhapatnam and doing ganga business in the city. Police came to know that there was 3,000 kilos of ganja with them.

The gang members were purchasing ganja for Rs 2,000 per kilo in Vizag and selling the same to Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per kilo in Hyderabad. The smugglers told the police that the price is even more in Mumbai.

Ganja Business

Police found out that ganja is being supplied from Vizag to Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other metropolitan cities via Hyderabad.

Police and excise officials are gearing up to stop the drug menace and warned of taking severe action against the culprits.

Recently ganja cultivation in a apartment came to the light in the city and now the police were surprised to know that gangs are even making agreements with farmers directly.

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