Hyderabad, January 27

The process of transporting dry and wet garbage in Hyderabad has gained momentum. Telangana government has distributed free dustbins to segregate dry and wet garbage to about 22 lakh families.

The transportation of dry and wet garbage started with a single lorry 15 days ago and has now increased to 75 trolleys, said GHMC Commissioner Janardhan Reddy. GHMC is in first place in the country in implementing Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

The Commissioner said that more financial resources are needed to improvise and speed up the services and for this, he felt the need to focus on increasing funds to GHMC. Compared to other countries, India is better in maintaining sanitation, he added.


‘Like nowhere else in the country, we have distributed 44 lakh dustbins free to households in the city to segregate dry and wet garbage. Also we have provided 2,000 voluntary auto tippers,’ he said.

Meanwhile Hyderabad Mayor B Rammohan said they are not getting the expected results in the segregation of dry and wet garbage at grassroot level. To improve awareness among the public in this regard, various action plans have been prepared with welfare associations of various colonies, voluntary organizations and government departments, he added.

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