Hyderabad, May 12

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is destroying illegal constructions in the city. But it costs at least Rs 10 lakh to collapse one building and also time consuming. Hence, the GHMC officials have adopted Implosion method to destroy the buildings. They already demolished five-storied illegal construction at Madhapur Sunnam Cheruvu with this technology.

Earlier, the officials used to collapse the illegal buildings either manually or with the help of JCBs. To save time and money they adopted the new technology. But precautions have to be taken to avoid damage to the nearby houses. For this, the GHMC has to select experienced agencies.

Implosion Method

This implosion system has been implemented successfully in Chennai, Mumbai and other Metro cities.

GHMC Mayor Bonthu Rammohan said it will be much easier to demolish illegal constructions through implosion method with a few precautions.

The town planning officials decided to remove illegal constructions in two water bodies in the west zone limits of the city with the same method. Arrangements are going on to demolish three to four buildings in Madhapur Sunnam Cheruvu FTL. The officials are searching for an agency which has experience in blasting the buildings using implosion method.

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