Hyderabad, January 3

Is political equation in Telangana going to change? Is MIM, an unofficial friendly party of the ruling TRS, unable to digest TRS getting closer to BJP? Will this situation make all Opposition parties come under one roof? Is JAC hatching plans, focusing on 2019 elections? Great challenge to KCR in next polls?

The political leaders’ approach in the winter session of Telangana Assembly clears all these doubts.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao initially opposed demonetisation but later he supported the move. This left no choice to BJP, which has been claiming as the only alternate to TRS so far, seems all set to join hands with the pink party.

But the truth is that majority BJP leaders are ready to support TRS since the beginning. If everything goes as per the plan, then these two parties may together fight the next general elections, political analysts observed.

Though it is hard for MIM to digest the latest developments, it cannot snip its affiliation with TRS right now.

great challenge

Meanwhile Congress, the main Opposition party, is apparently failing to counter the ruling TRS policies, due to its leaders’ inefficiency. It has also failed to take the government’s failures into the public and also failed in conducting agitations to garner public support. At the same time, Congress leaders also failed to unite all Opposition parties against the ruling party.

At this juncture, political JAC is likely to play the lead in getting all Opposition parties on a single platform. It was known that Telangana JAC is planning to pose a united fight against the ruling party by uniting Congress, Telangana TDP and Left parties.

JAC is trying to win public faith by pointing out the government’s failure in the next two years and if needed, to contest elections targeting the TRS in the next general elections.

It is a known fact that TDP and Congress will never join hands. But the changed scenario in Telangana is forcing them to unite and JAC is taking the lead in this regard. According to sources, leaders of both the parties are positive to become political allies.

With two years left for the next general elections, JAC is from now onwards hatching plans. But one has to wait and see how the ruling TRS will face the Great challenge of the grand alliance (Maha Kutami) involving all Opposition parties in the next polls.

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