Hyderabad, February 4

Most of the people are running hookah parlours in Hyderabad city after taking license to run coffee shops. With secret rooms and dim lighting, the management has run the parlours and they even encouraged anti-social activities.

Considering all these issues, the city police wing studied the rules and regulations of hookah parlours being implemented in other states and submitted a detailed report to the High Court.

After studying the report, the High Court issued key orders including 32 regulations on Friday.

According to the HC, coffee shops and restaurants with hookah parlours should not be set up within 100 metres distance to schools and colleges. Police will not give permission to the parlours to set up within this distance.

Hookah Parlours

Checking ID cards of all those who come to the parlour is compulsory. Smoking and non-smoking zones should be there. The city police are going to implement the rules within 15 days and warned of stringent action against those who violate the rules.

Police will regularly check the coffee shops and restaurants with hookah parlours. Permission will not be given to open only hookah parlours. Owners of coffee shops and restaurants, who have obtained trade license only can run the parlours and maximum of 30 per cent place should be allotted to it.

They have to show the place allotted to the parlour to the police at the time of taking permission. They should not change the place later. Food and drinks should not be served in the place allotted to hookah parlour.

There should not be any partitions, secret places, dim lighting in the parlour area. Minors strictly should not be allowed. Coffee shops and restaurants with hookah parlours should be opened in commercial areas only and neighbours’ permission is mandatory to open a hookah parlour in residential areas.

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