Hyderabad, January 28

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is focused on real estate business and decided to acquire private lands under land pooling and to develop ventures.

Unlike the undue delay in Uppal Bhagayat for years, the HMDA is  planning to make the works progress on a fast pace and it has already submitted proposals in this regard to the government.

The officials said they will start the work as soon as they get permission from the government.

It is more likely that the officials have to look up to the government every time for funds. The situation is slowly coming under control since revenue has increased as the process of buildings and lay out permissions were speeded up.

The officials decided to increase revenue from other means also. As part of their plan, they are going to acquire minimum 50 acres, not less than 10 to 20 acres at each place. The compensation will depend on the area of the land. Lands will be obtained only if 2/3 per cent of farmers agree to give up their lands.


Plots would be handed over to the farmers within one year after the works are commenced. The project has to be completed in three years.

If in any case, these rules are violated then compensation should be paid to farmers. Only litigant-free lands would be obtained. A committee will be constituted to study whether it will be profitable to HMDA and farmers if the acquired lands are developed as lay outs.

HMDA will obtain lands from private people under land pooling process and develop them as lay outs. It will provide roads, underground drainage system, power and other basic facilities. HMDA will take up expenses for providing all these facilities.

As per rules, greenery will be developed. The farmers who were given plots under compensation are free to sell their plots.

HMDA will sell the remaining plots which would have high demand, since the price of these lands will be less comparable with market price. Besides these plots are developed as per rules and regulations.

HMDA will bear the expenses like registration and others. The lay outs by and large will be maintained in commercial and residential zones only. Assigned and ceiling lands will be acquired with government permission only.

Lands near forest and water resources will not be obtained. HMDA officials have submitted a detailed report to the government. The TRS government will give its permission only after consulting with senior officials.

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