Hyderabad, January 4

The Home Ministry secretary’s report regarding slain gangster Nayeem’s case to the High Court has left the police in confusion about their future course of action. Following government’s orders, Special Investigation Team (SIT) officials told the media they will not spare the culprits in Nayeem case, however influential they would be. They even gave indications about the role of former ministers, political leaders and police officials in Nayeem’s criminal world.

At this juncture, Home Ministry declared that political leaders and police personnel have no links with the case. The SIT officials observed that they could not file cases in this situation.

The police have arrested more than 120 followers after Nayeem’s encounter. Cases were filed against several for possessing illegal weapons. Police could not collect evidences about the illegal weapons unless they interrogate political leaders and police. Already more than 700 accused were grilled in this regard. Another 218 have to be questioned.


The SIT officials are confused as to whom they should interrogate after the home ministry has given clean chit to a few accused in the case.

Bail was granted to several of the accused in the charge sheet filed in Nayeem case. The police could not arrest Seshanna, the gangster’s right hand till date.

Now the affidavit filed by the government made both the police and the public to believe that the case will soon be scrapped. Because the police should compulsorily enquire both police and leaders, who helped Nayeem to collect evidences. But the Home Ministry giving clean chit to political leaders and police prevented the police to go ahead in the case.

It seems that the police senior police officials are trying to slow down the case. If this is the case, then the victims of Nayeem could never get justice to them.

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