Hyderabad, January 18

Hyderabad has made it to the top 10 most dynamic cities across the world chosen by JLL City Momentum Index (CMI) 2017. It has been placed fifth dynamic city with Bangalore on top of the list.

The list was prepared based on a survey studying the factors such as population, education, technology, connectivity, economic growth, corporate activity and real estate activity. Hyderabad pushed back cities like London, Boston. It takes it’s place after Silicon Valley and Shanghai.

Dynamic City

Other cities that made to the list are: Ho chi Minh City (2-Vietnam), Silicon valley (3-USA), and Shanghai ((4-China). Pune, Chennai, Delhi and other cities named as mega cities were placed below the top 30 positions.

The JLL said they had prepared the list of cities based on a city’s capacity to embrace rapid changes, adopting to latest technology, providing facilities as per the ever increasing population and above all interlinking with world countries and cities. Hyderabad placed as Fifth Most Dynamic City in the World.

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