Hyderabad, January 3

Have Ganja smugglers changed their route after police laid iron fist on ganja smuggling? Have they started ganja cultivation in Hyderabad city?

The latest findings support the above doubts. Police found out that ganja cultivation was going on in pots.

Initially the police could not believe that ganja is being harvested in an apartment in the city. But they were in for a shock after they checked the information.

Ganja Cultivation

The ingenious weed peddler, Syed Shahed Hussain, started cultivating ganja in his apartment house with latest technology. Using the help of an American friend, he is growing weed plants with incubators, AC and blowers. He even collected fine quality soil from Visakhapatnam.

He installed ACs, kept LED lights above the plants to maintain natural light-like situation and kept table fans in swing mode to give the plants sufficient air.

Acting over authentic information, the South Zone taskforce police raided the flat and seized 12 kils of ganja. They arrested Hussain and enquiry is going on.

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