Hyderabad, February 9

Unauthorised packaged drinking water plants are mushrooming across the city. Apparently, it came to light that only very few water plants functioned with proper permission and most of them were operating illegally, flouting all rules and regulations.

Officials’ apathy is attributed for these unscrupulous operators to operate these plants with impunity.

After obtaining permission and following all Government norms by way of investing in reverse osmosis plants, the profit margin would be not so huge. These unscrupulous owners set up name-sake plants, without any basic infrastructure, often times selling only corporation water under the guise of packaged water, charging on par with the water companies with proper permission and RO plants.

There are allegations that the plant owners are supplying water stored for two to three days. People complained of developing health problems after drinking this water. Some plants are alleged to be supplying tap water.

Water Plants

The plants are untidy. The machinery in the plants is rusted. Many of these plants are supplying unpurified water. Moss and dirt accumulated in purified water storage tanks. No plant is mentioning  the mandatory date of cleaning water tank and other details.

Water cans were being used for years together. Doctors said that people may get health problems due to excessive usage of plastic.

Consumers alleged that they are getting plastic smell when they drink water from a water packet. It is well known fact that ice blocks are added to these packaged water to serve chill.  The consumers lamented that they were afflicted with throat and respiratory related ailments.

None of these illegal plants have proper technicians. As per Bureau of India standard rules, every plant must have aeration clash, mixing plant, saculation plant and filtration plant. Water should be purified through aeration process, which removes odour and taste of the water.

Next, by using lime sodium carbonate, additional calcium and magnesium from the water will be removed. Any other solid material will be removed with the help of alam. Chlorine will be mixed in the water to destroy bacteria in the water.

If one has to run a legal packaged water plant, he has to shell out Rs.1 lakh to obtain ISI and BIS certifications. In addition to that, he needs to spend Rs.10,000 per month for the supervision, besides paying Rs.50,000 more to the Government for the renewal of permission year on year.

To evade these expenses, the plant owners are allegedly paying bribes to the officials.

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