Hyderabad, January 17

Telangana Intermediate Board officials took various measures to conduct the intermediate lab exams strictly so as to prevent some private colleges from resorting to irregularities to gain high scores. Steps were taken to avoid mass copying and students writing exams for others.

The Board is going to implement jumbling system in the lab exams. These exams would be conducted amidst strict CCTV cameras vigilance. The officials observed that irregularities could be prevented by issueing question papers through online processes.

Lab Exams

Arrangements were made to evaluate the answer sheets immediately after the exam and to register the marks online. The Board officials suggested both government and private colleges to make suitable arrangements in this regard.

The lab exams would be conducted online under the supervision of external examiner. Arrangements are going on to conduct the lab exams from February 3 to 22. The exams would be held in four phases. The examiners have to log-in into the website one hour before the exam time and download the question paper.

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