Hyderabad, February 16

As part of Kaleshwaram project, plans were afoot to divert water from Medigadda barrage to Ellampally and from there to Mallanna Sagar. Now, another plan was mooted to divert the water from Mallanna Sagar to Nizam Sagar via Haldivagu and from there to SRSP (Sri Rama Sagar Project).

Since this needs huge funds and power supply, the officials are searching ways to divert water from Ellampalli to SRSP through reversible pumping.

After entering into the State from Maharashtra, www.onlineap.com/telangana-news/hyderabad/ts-govt-unhappy-bajaj-committee-report width increases to 1.5 km. A minimum 11 barrages and pump houses have to constructed on Godavari River to divert the water to traverse 150 km. This would require a budget of Rs 15,000 crores.


New plans are on the anvil to divert water from Medigadda, Annaram and Sundilla Barrage in Kaleshwaram through flood canal to Sriram Sagar project. The irrigation officials are planning to construct four lifts on flood canal between Ellampalli and SRSP and to shift 70 tmc water through reversible pumping. According to officials, all this will cost less than Rs 1,000 crores.

The 138 km long flood canal has a capacity of 22,000 cusecs from SRSP. The water from Medigadda to Ellampalli on its way to Mid-Manair is being joined at 102 km point of the flood canal. The irrigation officials put forth a proposal to shift water to SRSP in reversible path from 102 km point using this canal.

With Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao showing interest on this proposal, the officials started a detailed study on this.

According to the officials, a lift could be set up at 10 to 15 metres height between every 25 to 30 km  on the flood canal and 60 to 70 tmcs water could be shifted through four lifts. The expenditure will not exceed Rs 1,000 crores since the same regulators of the flood canal could be used.

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