Hyderabad, February 9

The Telangana Government is likely to give more importance to welfare schemes in the next Budget.

More funds will be allotted to hereditary professions. The BC welfare department officials have already busy preparing proposals in this regard.

A primary report with Rs 3,637 crore budgetary allocations for 2017-18 financial year was drafted. More funds would be allotted to federations and cooperative societies to encourage hereditary professions.


The officials have proposed to allot Rs 22.21 crores for toddy tappers federation; Rs 62.03 crores for washer men cooperative society federation; Rs 3.76 crore for Telangana Bhatraju cooperative federation; Rs 7.17 crores for Krishna Balija Pusala federation; Rs 17.92 crore for Kummari Salivahana cooperative society; Rs 7.08 crore for Medara finance corporation; Rs 42.5 lakh for Nayee Brahmana cooperative federation; Rs 7.2 crore for Sagara cooperative federation; Rs 12.40 crore for Vaddera cooperative federation; Rs 5.88 crore for Valmiki Boya cooperative federation; Rs 19.88 crore for Viswabrahmana cooperative corporation; and Rs 6 crore for nomadic communities.

According to officials, Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao is aiming at appeasing communities and groups with high population, as left parties and peoples’ unions staging agitations demanding Samajika Telangana.

Besides, the Government hopes that revenue will increase in rural areas if fish, goats, sheep, dairy products and other such professions are developed.

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