Hyderabad, January 4

Cab drivers Unions announced of launching an indefinite hunger strike from Wednesday demanding fulfilment of their pending demands. ‘We are continuing the agitation protesting against Uber and Ola companies for cheating them and against harassment and also physical attacks,’ said the drivers.

The drivers said that there was no response from the government and Uber and Ola companies even after five days of their strike. They criticized the government for its apathy in solving their problems, which otherwise actively engages in resolving the problems whenever RTC drivers and auto drivers protest.


As many as 80,000 cabs are running under Uber and Ola companies and all the drivers belong to weaker sections only, they said.

The drivers said they have purchased cars by taking loans and got cheated by these two companies. They requested the government to take initiative at least now to solve their problems.

With the cab drivers’ strike completing five days, Uber and Ola cabs are not plying anywhere in the city causing problems to passengers. People going to Secunderabad, Nampally, Kacheguda railway stations and Shamshabad airport have to pay high fares to autos and cabs of other companies.

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