Hyderabad, May 24

Though Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao announced that none of his party leaders was associated with the slain gangster Nayeem, in the assembly, the action against police, who reportedly associated with Nayeem, is creating panic among the TRS leaders.

The police had killed Nayeem, who rose to become a gangster with the help of political leaders and police,in an encounter at Shadnagar in last August.Based on the evidences and complaints by some people, the government had appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case.

Politicians named in Nayeem cases worried


The government did not revealed the information found out by the SIT.The government took action against a few police officials, who were accused of helping Nayeem gang. It also gave feelers that action will be taken against political leaders also, who helped the gangster.

It was alleged that the ruling party leaders of Nalgonda district were indulged in huge settlements along with Nayeem gang.Legislative Council Deputy Chariman Nethi Vidyasagar, MLA Gadari Kishore and two MLAs and one MLC were alleged to have close links with Nayeem.

KCR is reportedly angry on these leaders. According to sources, KCR opined that it sends wrong signals among the public if they leave erring political leaders after taking action against government officials.

KCR is reportedly preparing ground to take action against the leaders as per party rules, to overcome government related problems. KCR’s action may further strengthen his statement of not allowing corruption at any cost.