Hyderabad, February 14

The fate of 1,150 employees, who were relieved by Telangana power utilities 20 months ago still hangs in balance as the Andhra Pradesh government did not take them into jobs, despite having several vacancies.

Telangana government decided to fill vacancies in power utilities sectors. The power staff unions alleged that Telangana employees were deprived of promotions due to the employees belonging to Andhra Pradesh. Following this, the TS government identified the AP staff and relieved 1,150 of them in June 2015.

These employees went to High Court, which asked Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments to share their salary burden in the ratio of 56:44 respectively.

power staff

A committee, led by Justice Dharmadhikari, after hearing the arguments of both the governments, had submitted its report. A decision in this regard is yet to be taken.

The AP government is reluctant to take the relieved employees into service, even having vacant posts. It was observed that the local power staff will lose their promotions if these 1,150 employees were taken into service.

The relieved AP power staff utilities employees took to agitation as they were not taken into service. They are on relay hunger strike at Vidyuth Soudha for the past five days.

They lamented that their families came to the roads without salaries for the past 20 months. They said their problem could be solved if both the governments hold talks.