Hyderabad, January 20

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao instructed officials to speed up the construction of Integrated District Office buildings and District Police offices.

He told them that the new office buildings should be ready within a year. He wanted designs and tenders for these office complexes to be finalised immediately.

The Chief Minister said the proposed complexes would have all the facilities for the people and officers. He said funds will be allotted in this budget and they should be completed within a year.

The Chief Minister said except for the Police and Fire services offices, all other administrative offices would be housed at one place. KCR examined the designs for the complexes which will be able to hold meetings, festivals and other activities in the districts.

Office buildings

They should also have conference halls for the Ministers and the CM to hold review meetings when they visit the districts. He wanted the office complexes to come up in 20 to 25 acres of land in every district.

KCR reiterated that the re-organisation of the districts was done to decentralise the administration and offices should be better equipped for an effective administration to the people.

The CM suggested the high-level official team to visit Tamil Nadu where DPOs are reportedly working better. A team led by DGP should tour the State and submit its report and design to the government.

When the police officials suggested to set up a conference hall to conduct crime meetings, KCR made a retort on this. He said ‘Cops should not speak criminal language. It is wrong to name the monthly review meeting as ‘crime meeting’. This gives a negative meaning. Change the name.’

The Chief Minister also directed to speed up Mission Bhagiratha works.

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