Hyderabad, January 2

The investigation into gangster Nayeem criminal life is revealing several shocking news. Nayeem’s illegal business was revealed during the enquiry of Gokul Cooperative Urban Bank Chairman and its CEO regarding Rs 3.5 crore that was swindled.

The Bank chairman said Gangster Nayeem threatened him to take over the entire bank itself. ‘When that was not possible, he threatened to kill me if I did not pay him Rs 10 crore. When I begged him that I could not pay that much amount, he finally agreed for Rs 5 crore,’ the chairman said.

The government has complained to the CCS police that Rs 3.5 crore was missing which was due to it from e-Seva bills. CCS police enquired with the chairman and CEO of the bank, who eventually revealed the illegal activities of Nayeem.

gangster nayeem

Bank chairman Jagadish Yadav said he paid Rs 3.5 crore, belonging to e-Seva centres, from the bank account to Nayeem under benami names. Before he could pay the remaining Rs 1.5 crore, Nayeem was killed in a police encounter. Both chairman and CEO agreed that they made wrong entries in auditing about the diverted money.

Even the police were surprised to know that Nayeem tried to take over a bank. It is common for mafia gangs to threaten bank managers for money but trying to own a bank itself shows the range of Nayeem’s illegal activities.

CCS police doubted bank chairman’s statement that Nayeem tried to get Rs 5 crore after failing to take over the bank. They said the facts will come out only after probing the truth in chairman’s words.