Hyderabad, January 5

With a sudden dip in temperature in both Telugu states for the past few days, swine flu cases are being traced. The public are queuing up at hospitals with flu symptoms and are getting screened it is reported.

Occasionally swine flu cases are reported in both AP and Telangana. H1N1 virus was first traced out in the State in 2009. Since then the public are afraid of getting the virus during every winter season.

More than 50 persons were affected, five of them died, with the virus in 2016. The virus becomes active along with weather changes and affect those with less immunity.

swine flu

Cold weather may get more severe in the next two or three days in Telangana. This may aggravate the virus. Doctors suggested people to get medication immediately after they found disease symptoms. They warned not to neglect continuous cough, fever and sneezing.

Children, elderly, pregnant women, asthamatics and cancer patients are more prone to get swine flu. These people have to take special care. People effected by cough, sneezes and other symptoms should avoid going into public and should take medication at the earliest. Doctors said early treatment will cure swine flu fever.

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