Hyderabad, January 5

Telangana TDP, which fell flat due to MLAs defections, resignations by senior leaders and other issues, is rejuvenated. Activists shouldered the responsibility of strengthening the party. They breathed life into the party with unexpected huge TDP membership drive.

Even though many leaders have left the party, activists and cadre never left the cycle.

According to party sources, more than seven lakh members joined TDP in Telangana by December 31, the deadline for membership drive. This membership drive proves the truth in party chief Chandrababu Naidu’s words that party activists will never leave him and never cheat him.

Telugu Desam Party organizes party membership drive every once in two years. More than seven lakh people joined the party during the drive two years ago. That was the time Chandrababu Naidu stayed in Hyderabad, totally controlling the party affairs.

tdp membership drive

The party was full with 15 MLAs in Telangana. Amidst several problems, pitfalls, crisis in two years, only three MLAs are left with the party. Chandrababu Naidu shifted to Amaravathi, the AP State capital and became busy in administration.

In these two years, several senior leaders left the party, courtesy Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)’s Operation Akarsh, which shook the very foundation of TDP. TDLP was changed to TRSLP. Everybody thought that TDP will become extinct in Telangana. At this juncture, TDP membership drive was launched.

But soon after the launch, demonetisation has posed great threat. The membership drive slowed down. With 15 days extension, the deadline for the drive concluded on December 31.

But most unexpectedly seven lakh new members joined the party, reaching the old target. The development has surprised even senior party leaders. They observed Naidu supporting the activists, providing accident insurance, opposition towards TRS and other reasons have encouraged people to take up party membership.

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