Hyderabad, February 15

To reduce the number of accident deaths, it was proposed to set up trauma centres in districts also, besides those in 15 area hospitals, Osmania, NIMS, Gandhi hospital.

Usually the accident victims will be shifted to Osmania, Gandhi, NIMS or any corporate hospitals, resulting in heavy rush in emergency wards all the time.

Following the government orders, health and medical department officials are preparing proposals to open trauma centres.

Accidents are most common on national, state roads and outer ring road. The victims will be provided primary treatment near local hospitals and later will be shifted to other hospitals.

Trauma Centres

But many of the victims are losing their lives while on their way to other hospitals or while undergoing treatment. As per official records, 85 per cent of deaths occurred last year are due to non-availability of timely medical aid. Especially victims who received head, heart, lung injuries, excessive bleeding and injuries at private parts are dying as they could not get timely medical aid during the ‘golden hours’.

Osmania and Gandhi Hospital doctors felt that lives of several victims could be saved if trauma centres are set up at district hospitals as all types of emergency medical services are available for victims.

Specially the patients could survive with timely treatment during the golden hours at these trauma centres as it could save the time in shifting the patients to other areas, the doctors observed.