Hyderabad, February 17

The Telangana government is going to introduce a new scheme for pregnant women, which gives financial aid to about two lakh pregnant women across the State.

During pregnancy time and after delivery, most of the women will be out of work and the family’s income will reduce. Both mother and the child are developing health problems without nutritious food. Keeping this in view the TRS government is extending financial support to them.

Pregnant Women

Financial aid would be provided to the women four months before pregnancy and four months post delivery, in phases. The health and medical department after studying the details, suggesting to give Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month to each woman.

But the government is mulling to apply the scheme to BPL (below poverty line) families only, who deliver in government hospitals.

The Tamil Nadu government, which is already implementing the scheme, is giving Rs 16,000 to each pregnant woman. The officials are exercising on this to make it final before the next budget. The government is expecting that about 2.5 lakh pregnant women will be benefitted if the scheme is launched.

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