Dharmapuri, February 13

The holy river Godavari is getting contaminated with drainage water going into river at Dharmapuri of Jagtial district.

Devotees are afraid of taking holy dip in the river at Dharmapuri. They said the water is emanating foul smell as the drainage water of the four main drainage canals from the temple town is getting dumped into the river.


Pilgrims visit Dharmapuri, famous as Dakshina Kashi, round the year. Most of the devotees are returning without taking a dip in the river due to the state of affairs.

The locals alleged that along with sewerage water, water stagnation in Ellampalli project is also causing river water pollution. They have been demanding to prevent the contamination of drainage water into River Godavari. They also alleged that neither district officials nor the government is heeding their demands.

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