Asifabad, January 12

Adilabad was always known as a district filled with forests. After districts reorganization two districts – Komarambheem and Asifabad – formed out of Adilabad. Now Asifabad district is endowed with many tourist hotspots like thick forests, pleasant weather, beautiful waterfalls, valleys reminding one of Kashmir and Goa. Girijan thandas add to the magic that attract and exhilarate the local populace as well as visitors.

Waterfalls at Kerameri, Tiryani, Jainoor, Sirpur (U), Wankidi and other mandals are worthy visiting spots. Though there are no proper roads to reach these beautiful locations, tourists are still venturing to travel here and experience the nature’s beauty.

Tourist hotspots

Samutula gundam waterfall in Asifabad mandal is one such location that everyone must see. But the road ends till Mowad and Balanpur village. From there people have to cross two rivulets to reach the spot. The Saptagundala waterfall in Sirpur is also a must see.

There is no proper road to Gundala waterfall in Tiryani mandal too. Due to this reason this waterfall is not known to many.

The population has increased in newly formed Komarambheem district with the increasing number of office staff. They lamented that they could not take out their families on outings since there are no facilities.

They said the government will get more revenue if it identifies and develops tourist hotspots in the district.