Mahbubnagar, February 11

The internal bickering among TRS leaders in Mahbubnagar district are becoming a headache for the party chief. TRS leader Guvvala Balaraju won elections from Achampet constituency defeating former TDP MLA Ramulu and Vamshikrishna. Later Ramulu joined the ruling TRS.

Now a stiff competition is going on between Balaraju and Ramulu. Balaraju is trying to put a check to Ramulu, who is more prominent in the area.

Jaipal Yadav, who lost election from Kalwakurthy, TRS MLC Kasireddy Narayan Reddy and Balaji Singh, who has been a loyal activist in the party since the beginning are likely to contest in the elections.

A direct fight is reportedly brewing between the three TRS leaders in Kalwakurthy. The public alleged that there is no cooperation between these three leaders in any of the party programmes.

Narayanpet TDP MLA Rajender Reddy joined TRS. Sivakumar Reddy, who lost the election on TRS ticket has a good hold on the constituency. He is supplying drinking water to the public even today. Sivakumar Reddy was not happy with Rajender Reddy’s entry into the party and is maintaining distance from party programmes. He is trying to be in touch with party high command to gain hold on the constituency.

internal bickering

In Maktal, TRS candidate Devara Mallappa lost the election and Congress candidate Chittem Rammohan Reddy won the election. Within one and half year Rammohan Reddy joined the ruling TRS.

Devaramallappa was unhappy with the party high command as he could not get MLC chance.

In Nagarkurnool also, discontent is growing among TRS cadre as they alleged that party was giving tickets to new entrants, ignoring those who have been with the party since the beginning.

In Wanaparthy, there is no competition to Planning Commission vice-president Singireddy Niranjan Reddy but he has no supporting cadre.

The leaders in Kollapur and Jadcherla were also not happy with the party high command. There is a stiff competition among the TRS leaders in Shadnagar. MLA Anjaiah Yadav’s victory was unexpected but he reportedly lost the support of party cadre and leaders.

The same situation is prevailing in Mahbubnagar. Sayyed Ibrahim, Dr. Amarender, Rajender Reddy and many aspirants expected party ticket. But JAC convener Srinivas Goud got the ticket.

The TRS leaders in Alampur, Gadwala, Wanaparthy and other constituencies also Internal bickering continues with the party command and reportedly running parallel groups.

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