Hyderabad, November 30

The entire Telangana State is in the grip of extreme cold weather conditions during nights. Minimum temperatures dropped for the past four days.

The temperatures in agency areas and district headquarters have fallen low and the night temperatures were recorded as low as 8 degree C in some places.

In Mahbubnagar, the temperature fell to 3 degree C  below the normal temperature. Roads are covered with fog even at 10 am. Campfires are continuing throughout the day.


Morning walkers are facing inconvenience to continue their daily ritual. The Met department officials said the temperatures may further fall in the coming days.

Elders and children are the most effected due to the cool weather. Fever, cold, asthma, cough and other diseases are spreading. Doctors suggested the public to eat hot food only and must wear sweaters to protect themselves from biting cold.

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