Nizamabad, January 19

Forests are disappearing day by day as humans are felling trees for their selfish needs. Massive deforestation will cause problems for mankind to exist on the earth.

Deforestation will increase pollution. Global warming, pollution and industrial policies are changing the environment on a rapid pace.

These environmental changes not only affect humans but also animals, who have been suffering with increasing heat. Scientists are warning that human existence will be at danger as the earth will become a fireball in future.

The temperatures in the recent summer have increased drastically. The normal temperature of 42 degree C every year has touched 48 degree this year, causing concern among the public. There is no respite from extreme heat even in June.

Animals and other creatures living near beaches and seas are eating the industrial waste that is being released into seas. Due to this several animals are dying.


Forests play a key role in getting rains and cooling the temperatures. Despite knowing the fact that humans cannot sustain without forests, people fell trees for timber and firewood.

Deforestation is leading to scanty rains, which in turn is affecting the agricultural yield. Water sources are depleting creating drinking and irrigation water problems. River floods are causing extreme loss to humans.

Oxygen is a must for humans and animals’ existence. Due to industrialization, air is polluted. Though the situation is somewhat better in villages, deforestation is slowly crawling to rural areas also.

The dust and gases emanating from lakhs of vehicles daily is polluting the air in the cities. Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao after coming to power, focused on forest growth and their protection. He launched Harita Haram to increase green coverage. But neither officials nor people are taking the responsibility to nurture the environment around their neighborhoods, let alone the villages or cities they live in. The people’s representatives, officials and public should focus on growing trees to protect the environment.

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