Ramagundam, May 19:

All cities are looking like deserts due to the severe heat wave. People are already suffering with heat and scarcity of drinking water has added to their woes.

Temperatures have been on rise for the past one week. No one is coming out of their houses unless it is an emergency. They are feeling it good to sit in their houses with ACs and water coolers to get relief from severe heat wave.

If they have to come out of their houses, they are taking precautions like carrying umbrella, covering faces and ears with cotton cloth, wearing goggles etc.

Maximum temperatures in Mancherial, Srirampur, Mandamarri, Bellampalli and Ramakrishnapur areas are crossing 44 degree Celsius. Cities have bore curfew like situation in the afternoons. The condition of daily labourers is even worse.

Severe Heat Wave

Meanwhile, the demand for coconut water, fruits and juices was increased. Due to less supply, the prices of fruits and coconuts increased. Each coconut is priced at Rs 20. Juices rates also increased from Rs 25 to Rs 30. Environmentalists worried that the reasons for this excessive heat conditions are tree felling, environmental pollution, increasing number of vehicles.

As per unofficial sources, as many as 50 people died in joint Adilabad district due to sunstroke. Normally heat will be more in areas with coal mines. The coal mine workers are the worst sufferers who work in opencast mines. The alternate measures taken up by Singareni management have failed to give respite.

On the other hand, the severe  heat has increased demand for airconditioners and water coolers.

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