Sangareddy, January 12.

In a novel initiative, the Telangana prisons department launched a special programme ‘Feel the jail’ for those who want to experience prison life a few months ago. All arrangements were made at Sangareddy prison and those interested could pay Rs 500 to spend one day prisoner.

The government turned the Sangareddy prison into a museum and launched the programme to make the people experience the prison life, where hardcore criminals were lodged.

People, who want to spend time behind the bars and experience the feeling of being under detention, can pay Rs 500 to get the prisoner experience. These people have to strictly adhere the prison rules. Parents or family members’ permission is compulsory. There will be no phone facility during their 24-hour stay.


No personal items will be allowed except books. Permission will be granted only after checking the mental status of the visitor. Once the visitor enters the barrack, it is mandatory that they have to remain there for 24 hours. Even if they want to leave the barrack, the officials will not allow them. Meals will be same as that provided to normal prisoners.

The programme was launched on June 5 last year and is slowly picking up. About 14 persons availed this programme in the past eight months.

A special stall was set up at this museum-cum-prison to sell handloom clothes, soaps, oils, phenyl and other products, manufactured by inmates of other prisons.

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