Sangareddy, January 11

An unknown disease is creating terror among the people of Selgira village in Sangareddy district for the past few years. The children who are healthy on the day get inflicted on the next with symptoms where their fingers bend into contortions. Now elders also are becoming prey to the disease.

The rare disease seems to be spreading fast. Sravani, Nikhita and Ashwini, fifth class students of Primary School in Selgira village contracted the disease. The local medical officers conducted tests on these children but failed to know the reason for the disease.

The worried parents got their children admitted in corporate hospitals and spent lakhs of rupees. But none seemed to be able to diagnose the desease or find the cause for its spread till date.

selgira village

Earlier also several people fell prey to the disease and lost their limbs. Villagers said a few people even died due to the disease.

The officials after testing the drinking water in the village, warned that the water is not even good for animals to drink. But still the officials are supplying the same water to the village.

The villagers lamented that they brought the problem before Minister Harish Rao during 2016 by-elections, but of no avail. Selgira villagers requested the officials and people’s representatives to respond at least now and take measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

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