Warangal, October 7

The demand for carving out Mulug district has intensified with ST cell leader Raju Nayak performing ‘pinda pradanam’ (a ritual to pay obeisance to ancestors) to Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and Minister Chandulal on national highway. He even tonsured his head.

Tribal Welfare Minister Chandulal has on several occasions sought the CM to carve Mulug as district which is beneficial in several aspects. He had requested an appointment with KCR  to discuss about the issue, since Mulug area posses all the prerequisites to become a district. Besides, the Minister is also trying to maintain his hold on his constituency.

Fight for Mulug district boost up

But the CM flatly denied Chandulal request during a recent meeting and said there was nothing to talk about Mulug district.

After that four more districts were formed but there is not a word about making Mulug as district which threw the Minister in dilemma whether to fight for the district or to compromise.

On the other hand, ruling party MLA resigned demanding Narayanapet district and Oppostion MLA followed the suit for Gadwal district. Chandulal followers are demanding him to quit his post for Mulug district. But the Minister observed that his resignation will create problems in the government and to get the new district amicably.

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